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Blueberries and Wine

In France and Italy, there are hills that are legendary for their grapes. Grapes that produce world renowned wines. Some of these areas produce wine with such unique flavor that the wine is named after the area. These wines are known throughout the world and have become part of our culture. Similarly, Napa Valley in California produces grapes that rival and in some cases exceed the quality of their .

Blueberry Wine – Delicious and Healthy!

The web is full of amazing claims about healthy living, organic foods, and dietary supplements. Because so many of these claims are snake oil that is only intended to sell a product, I am hesitant to make a health claim about blueberry wine. But I have to – it isn’t just a marketing claim, it is the conclusion of research and test. If you simply Google “Blueberry Wine Healthy”, .

Our feedback

We are receiving well deserved recognition! Our blueberry wine is simply the best on the market. That is no accident! Everything we have done has been designed to ensure the highest quality and best tasting wine possible. From our all natural blueberries, to our processing and equipment, we have invested in success! It has been very gratifying to see the response, both at our visitor center, and now from .